A really good pressure washing job might provide some spectacular outcomes. The sight of that layer of filth being washed away is a pretty gratifying experience. Only pressure washing can effectively remove built-up dirt, where regular cleaning and maintenance fails.

Power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing are just a few of the services that may be advertised when you’re looking for cleaning firms. If you don’t understand the distinctions between them, you aren’t alone.

Power washing is a more thorough cleaning technique that uses high-temperature water, whereas pressure washing employs cold water. Water temperature is the most significant difference between power washing and pressure washing. Power washing utilizes hot water at a high pressure to blast the surface clean, but pressured washing does not use heated water. Because the higher temperature utilized in power washing allows you to clean more effectively, it’s simpler to cut through dirt and dust.

Finally, soft washing is similar to pressure washing in that it uses less pressure per square inch (PSI), making it safer to use on less durable surfaces. Let’s take a look at what these services are all about.

Power Washing

There are a few significant distinctions between pressure washing and power washing. The use of hot water in power washing is the same as pressure washing, but it’s done at a higher intensity. The temperatures in the machine’s water are around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to dissolve calcium and hard-water stains. This distinguishes power washing since the hot water not only disinfects surfaces but is also superior at breaking down organic debris.

You can also expect that power washing machines are heavier-duty machines. A professional-strength power washer isn’t available, and you shouldn’t seek for one. These are extremely dangerous to your health and property unless you have adequate training.

Power washing is often utilized to clean driveways, stone walls, and rough concrete. These machines are more often found in businesses and industries than residential settings.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an excellent technique for cleaning a variety of surfaces in the home, and it does not require that the water be heated. Pressure washers, on the other hand, do not heat water. The pressure is still strong enough to be hazardous to amateurs.

Water is being vented at such a rapid pace that it may cut through the skin and bone of a finger in an instant.

Pressure washing residential sidings, on the other hand, necessitates special caution. You must be at the proper distance from vulnerable house siding in order to avoid wearing them down. Pressure cleaning is intended to remove dirt and debris from walking surfaces, decks, stone pathways, patio furniture, and other similar items.

Pressure washing is a great method to remove unsightly stains from your driveway. Anything that has deep grooves, allowing dirt to embed itself, is ideal for pressure washing.

Soft Washing in New Bern, NC

You may be thinking that soft washing has nothing to do with pressure washing. Pressure washers are utilized to softly wash, but they are modified to reduce the PSI, or pressure per square inch.

Under 500 PSI, the pressure washer can easily be washed. It is possible to wash a pressure washer with less than 500 PSI by rinsing or cleaning it. The spray of the pressure washer is widened using a nozzle that replaces the tip, lowering the point of force.

New Bern Soft washing also includes special cleaning solutions to dissolve dirt and germs that may be lurking on surfaces. These cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly and will not remove the protective coating on your home’s exterior. In comparison to pressure washing, soft washing is more popular in a variety of situations, such as:

When should you use a soft wash vs a pressure wash?

The sort of washing you’ll want to do will be determined by the construction of your home, the materials used, and its environment. Unless you’re getting your whole house done top to bottom, you’ll probably only get one or the other done to it. In that case, you’ll want a soft wash for your roof, windows, and siding.

In general, the task would have to be divided into two parts — first, all of the hard surfaces would need to be pressure washed, and then the rest of the house’s soft surfaces would require a new cleaning solution and nozzle. Do you want to know more about when to use a pressure washer? Take a look at our blog to assist you to make an informed decision.

Health Benefits of Professional Washing

Deep cleaning your house or company isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. The long-term accumulation of dirt, grime, pollen, algae, and decaying particles has an impact on your health as well. All that filth gathers over time between cracks, beneath sidings, around stones, and on patio furniture.

All of these pollutants accumulate on the outside surfaces where the garden hose couldn’t reach and regular cleaning soaps can’t clean thoroughly. As a result, you become sick more frequently without knowing why. This is why paying for a skilled cleaner is well worth it.

Should you Rent a Machine to DIY or Hire a Professional?

The short answer is “Hire a Professional.” Professional Pressure washers will ensure your home is taken care of professionally without causing any damage. As for attempting to soft wash your home by yourself, you run into issues with no experience.

If you take this approach, you’ll need the appropriate chemicals, equipment, and a nozzle that allows you to wash gently. These chemicals are quite potent, so you must use the correct dilution to obtain results without causing harm to the surface.

We realize there are many DIYers who thrive on a challenge and want to save money on home tasks. However, we urge you to reconsider this endeavor and hire a professional. You’ll get it done faster, restore surfaces to “like-new” condition, and minimize the risk of property damage.

Deep Cleaning Done Right

Cleaning the outside of a home or company is a big task. It might take you a whole week to finish it on your own. In addition, there was horrible weather and the sun’s scorching rays, making things worse.

It’s much more difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing, especially if it’s with something as tactile as soft washing or high-pressure washing. This is when errors are made, which can be costly for you and your wallet.

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